Welcome to LimeStarPhoto where two enthusiastic photographers with two different styles and passion have joined together, complementing one another creating stunning images. 
The duo consists of Pavel Streltsov (aka Pasha) and Ekaterina Likhotin (aka Kate). Our passion began tritely simple, mostly by taking pictures with a simple point and shoot camera,  which was a present from Kate to me (Pasha). I mostly enjoyed taking shots of landscape, and since I always had a passion to cars, they were definitely a part of my early stage portfolio, so to speak. Kate on the other hand, was always taking snaps of the family.
In summer 2009, we went for a road trip to eastern Canada, with my other half Kate and my best friend Mike to visit his elder sister. At that time he had nice DSLR Canon 10D, which

at that point for me was totally overwhelming camera, the amount of buttons and options it had, compared to the point and shoot I had was incomparable. However, with his help, I started to understand some basics of pro level DSLRs, and since the principals of photography are the same, no matter what you take the pictures with, but the results were far way better with his camera, it all started to come along to me, slowly but surely. Well shortly after, I decided to move on and with help of my relatives, as a collaborative birthday present, I got my first entry level DSLR, Canon T3i. That camera served us great in the road trip we did following year to western Canada. We ended up having around 8000 shots out of 11 day road trip. And we really loved the results we got with the help of that camera and help of the amazingly beautiful nature of western Canada.
After I have explored all the features and options of my T3i and its' possibilities and limitations and upon finishing reading a dozen of books and good 100 hours of educational videos and consulting my financial advisor Kate, Canon 5D MarkII became our new family member. This was the time when both me and Kate realized how little did we know about the technical aspects of photography. And that became my motivation to excel and dedicate all of my free time to learn all about digital photography and how to share my vision with the loved ones through the means of photography. And I was truly surprised on how quickly and well Kate started to pick up all the materials that I was presenting to her. She is really gifted, or perhaps it makes me a good teacher. :)
Well what ever it is, it brought both me and Kate to where we are today, still pursuing the same passions we've had before multiplied by the knowledge and experience we have received along the way. LimeStarPhoto - Photography With Style.